Monday, October 01, 2007

We're so proud

There are giant, healthy babies in my belly! Seriously, our girls on today's ultrasound weigh in at a healthy 5 lbs (Baby A) and 4lbs 11oz (Baby B) which is slightly ahead of the average for 33 weeks gestation! Way to go, girls! At this rate they should be very healthy and well-developed by their 37 week c-section date of October 29th, and might even be "done" a little sooner. My perinatologist expects I'll go into labor sometime before my scheduled date, and if that happens my OB will proceed with a c-section at whatever time the girls choose to arrive. Me (and my aching body) can hardly wait to finally have these girls on the outside where we can really get to know and enjoy them! (For those of you who like math, please note I'm currently carrying almost as much baby weight as when Little Blue was born - he was over 10 lbs - and also keep in mind the average baby will continue to gain about half a pound a week until delivery, so if these girls stick around until week 37, they'll have a combined weight over 13 lbs!!)

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