Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Politicians - What are they good for??

I am so frustrated with ongoing news about the shortcomings of our inactive government. Why is everyone so fricking happy that we finally managed to pass a last-minute measure to keep the entire government from defaulting on its debts and coming to a disastrous credit precipice? That budget work should have been done years ago.

Not to mention that while they stomped around refusing to compromise on that issue, they completely failed to address the FAA funding problem that just causes 4000 workers to be laid off and costs, according to NPR, around $30 million a day in uncollected airline ticket basically a billion dollars thrown away by the time our congress, who is currently taking a goddamn VACATION, comes back to work in September. A vacation. Really? 'Cause you got so much work done lately?? How about you think about those airport inspectors while you're flying home from D.C. for a break; think about how that guy, whose job is to keep you safe, is currently working without a paycheck and without any reimbursement for his travel expenses. You think he wants to come back to work and serve you and the rest of the public again tomorrow, knowing you don't give a damn about his job, Congress?

I bet if your jobs were on the chopping block, your paycheck and your private congressional healthcare and your fat congressional retirement plan, you would find it in your hearts to call a special session and pass a freaking bill to authorize THAT funding, wouldn't you?